Pre-sale demonstration:
Our technicians will be available throughout the life of the robot, with both telephone on-line and on-site service support.
We provide feasibility test, simulated demonstration suggestions, and a variety of schemes to optimize your configuration and project.
Technical support:
Contact us
1866 385 6535
With the global technical team support, our average response time is no more than 24 hours.
Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance >>
Preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure the efficient and safe operation of robots and avoid unexpected failures. We provide preventive maintenance such as annual inspection, overhaul and make necessary adjustment during the maintenance service.
health monitoring system >>
Meanwhile, the health monitoring system provided by JIDA can monitor the status of your robot in real time through big data analysis, maximizing the service life of accessories, reducing safety risks, and converting all unexpected downtime into planned downtime.
Warranty Policy
1 yr service + 3 yr parts
If the warranty period is exceeded, we can extend the warranty up to 36 months, which covers the labor and freight costs of the spare parts.
training scheme:
Mastering the details about performance and robot programming is the best way to improve the user’s operational experience with JIDA robot. We provide users with a series of training courses, covering all aspects of the robot used, including programming robots and peripheral equipment maintenance software, etc., helping customers to master the robot application as soon as possible.
Based on years of experience, we offer a full range of standard robotics training:
◆ Operational course
◆ Equipment conditioning course
◆ basic / advanced programming courses
◆ maintenance and service training
At the same time, we can provide customized robotics training to accomodate the professional level of your team and the equipment you use.
CAD jurisdiction:
We provide access to CAD files related to the robot arm and controller, including 2D and 3D versions and different file formats (IGES DXF and STEP), which greatly enrich the client's understanding of the project and degree of freedom.